‘My name is Leonard Smith. Some time back I engaged Greg Messer from Fixed Price Granny Flats to build us a 60 square metre Granny Flat. The Granny Flat now is complete and we are very, very happy with the end result. The roofing is excellent, the timber treated frame complete with brick veneer finish. We have no complaints about the workmanship whatsoever.

Very happy with the end result and have no hesitation in recommending Fixed Price Granny Flats for any of your future projects in relation to Granny Flats or any other building work.The office girl is beyond criticism, forever helpful. What more can I say. The project Manager is Kieran. Greg Messer is the big king pin there, he’s the boss…. very easy to do business with.

Very obliging within reasonable parameters, naturally. That’s it and my wife would like to say a few words. My name is Swannee Smith and we are very happy with our Granny Flat. Anything I wanted to change within reason, they were very obliging….. We are very happy with the crew, no complaints. Thank you’


‘The overall experience was excellent from the start, the design, the proposal through to the construction phase. Some of the key aspects to this project were the challenging site, a very steep site. One of the key considerations I was looking at was the ability of the Contractor to deliver the project on this site …… the Fixed Price was delivered. Greg and his team delivered on this price.

I am involved in project management and work in the engineering field and work in this type of space. Fixed Price Granny Flats were not the cheapest quote I had but in terms of features and fixtures were of excellent quality when comparing quotes. This was a key point of difference. Also the trades were excellent, especially the builder who had to coordinate the entire building from 40 metres to the street level. I thought this would be an issue….. but it was no issue at all. The sewer and Stormwater issues were
considerable on this site. It was challenging and this cost was factored into my quote. Greg was very transparent with the entire process.

I am a fairly fastidious client and Greg was exceptionally responsive to my needs we worked collaboratively to resolve issues and challenges and find solutions that arose during this project. This was an important aspect and I appreciate this. It was important to me. Overall my experience with this project was that it came through on time, within budget and defects free. This was a really good outcome. I will be referring friends and family to Greg and the team at Fixed Price Granny Flats’

granny flats
granny flats



‘Hi. I am John from Oxford Falls and I am just giving a testimonial for Fixed Price Granny Flats and Greg Messer. The experience we had was a great experience. We wanted an attached Granny Flat that matched our house and did not look like an addition, but looked like it was always there.

Greg and the boys did an incredible job in making sure that it all matched up and connected well. Our neighbours walk past here every day and say how awesome the place looks. On top of that we had a great experience with Greg and Fixed Price Granny Flats. Their service was amazing and we are very happy customers’

before granny flat
after granny flat

‘I couldn’t get a Fixed Price from any builder. I already had a good builder lined up but he was unable to give me a Fixed Price. This was important to me due to my budget. Greg Messer was the only builder that was able to give me a Fixed Price. The night before I met Greg I was watching some of his Granny Flat videos and I saw one that he had just finished at Pendle Hill.

I rang Greg the next morning at 6am. He answered the phone and came over that day. Greg did the entire approval package for me and at the end of that process I was given a Fixed Price. The bathroom and kitchen are a great size. I told Greg Messer that I wanted a cast iron bath and provisions were made for this and I am very happy with the outcome. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you’

granny flats
granny flats


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