how fixed price granny flats stacks up


There’s no need to pay for a costly upgrade from standard brick veneer. Fixed Price Granny Flats have included Hebel Power Wall Cladding with a rendered finish.

The stunning visual appeal of Hebel is more than skin deep. Underneath the impressive rendered exterioryou’lldiscover the many reasons why more people are turning to Hebel. It is a high performance steel reinforced, aerated concrete manufactured from sand, cement, recycled material, lime, gypsum and aerating agents. It has far greater thermal and acoustic properties than typical brick veneer.

The technology in these walls provides strong fire resistance, enhancing your energy efficient structure. A comforting thought for a comforting living environment.

Includes 90mm Timber Frame with R2.0l insulation, condensation barrier, 75mm Autoclaved aerated concrete cladding panels fixed to steel-battens.


Structural durability and termite protection comes standard in all Fixed Price Granny Flats. We use 3 types of termite barriers in our homes to give you peace of mind against these house-eating pests.

The timber’s durability is enhanced to a level that is suitable for protecting family homes. H2-F in particular is not only hazardous to termites but is protected from wetting, preventing leaching.

Designed to provide an effective pre-treatment and replenishable Termite Management System around the perimeter of the structure and all service penetrations of immovable, infill/footing designs where subterranian termites are most likely to attack.


The windows in our Granny Flats are Double Glazed Windows with Low-E Glass film to achieve a 7 Star Energy Efficient Granny Flat. These windows will keep the interior of your Granny Flat at the optimum level of comfort. The unique air pocket between these windows keeps the air from outside from entering your Granny Flat.

With this process we ensure that your energy costs are greatly reduced
✔ Save $$ on energy bills
✔ Reduced light use
✔ Reduced condensation


With our FIXED PRICE CONTRACT we also include our outrageous ‘100% Fixed Price Out Of The Ground Guarantee’. We GUARANTEE that if your site foundation costs exceed what we quote due to unforeseen rock or other soil conditions, we will re-engineer your foundations or floor system at our cost if required.

This Guarantee totally removes the risk of potentially costly excavation works, from you to us. If we get our information wrong and do not inform you of rock or other unstable soil conditions, we will pay to rectify the issue so your contract with us is always FIXED!


We take insulation seriously; Fixed Price Granny Flats are insulated well beyond the NSW BASIX requirements. Ceiling and wall Insulation is designed to reduce heat transfer through the roof of your home and deliver optimum performance in exterior cavity walls improving your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

Giving twice the thermal performance found in most other Granny Flats, at Fixed Price Granny Flats we offer this as standard:

• R2.0 in walls
• R3.0 In ceiling


The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a national network of communications infrastructure currently being built on behalf of the Federal Government and will change the way the internet will be accessed with super fast fibre, fixed wireless and satellite technology being made available to all Australians.

We will ensure that your new Granny Flat will be NBN ready


Taubmans Pure Performance Interior is a 100% acrylic high performance water based paint. This unique formula is low in VOC and odour for maximum indoor air quality.

It is exclusively engineered with Microban® antibacterial protection which inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, mould, mildew and fungus; enabling a cleaner, fresher and safer home environment.

Pure Performance Interior is scuff resistant and highly washable. It has also been approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program, as it provides superior protection against mould and mildew and may help people with asthma and allergies.


There are a number of ways to build a Granny Flat so it complies with current regulations and standards. These are set at a minimum requirement.

In NSW the online Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) system set minimum requirements for heating and cooling performance of the building shell. A BASIX report can be completed online by a consumer or by a draftsman. BASIX Reports can be easily manipulated and many are. The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) is a Government Backed Regulating Authority that rates designs for their thermal performance. These cannot be manipulated. A typical house built in 1990 would have rated about 1 star on the NatHERS scale. In 2003 less than 1% of homes built achieved 6 stars.

Fixed Price Granny Flats will provide a Certified 7 Star Rating Certificate with each Granny Flat.


Clipsal C-Bus is the leading lighting and energy management system in residential construction in Australia.

The most common reason home owner’s do not install this product is that they do not know what professionally designed and programmed C-Bus can do for them or they simply have not budgeted for this great feature to be included in their project.

This is a modern and exciting addition to your new Granny Flat.


At Fixed Price Granny Flats we provide each client with direct access to their Granny Flat Building Project via our unique online Building App.

This allows our clients to access their project online with their computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet. This will provide access 24/7 and provide you with a current schedule at all times. It will track the progress, estimated completion dates as well as delays due to wet weather. It allows you to communicate with our building team and our administration office.

You can also post the progress of your project to your friends via FaceBook Twitter or Email.


Today Sydney is experiencing an unprecedented increase in all types of residential construction. This is expected to increase in the coming years.

There is now an extreme shortage of tradespeople and professionals and this is predicted to become a growing issue in Sydney’s Building Industry. We are a highly organised building company. We have a team of highly skilled, hand picked professionals that work directly with us.

We guarantee that when you engage Fixed Price Granny Flats your project will be completed ON TIME, ON BUDGET and DEFECTS FREE.


At Fixed Price Granny Flats we not only stay up to date with the latest changes in the Residential Building Industry, but we strive to pave the way to deliver Energy Efficient Green options for our clients. We are the leaders in innovation and we are excited and passionate about the latest developments in Green Living.

The TESLA ENERGY POWERWALL is an exciting new energy solution being supplied to Australian consumers from the USA. With all Government solar tariffs ending in late 2016 the domestic solar battery market is set to explode in Australia. Ask us how this energy saving feature can be incorporated into your Fixed Price Granny Flat package.

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