Granny Flat Designs and Prices

Throughout the many years of granny flat building, we have come across countless clients who have been left with broken promises and incomplete projects by other builders. Which is why we like to educate our clients on what they’re paying for. Our granny flat designs and prices are determined by the value of our craftsmanship and our inclusions, because here at Fixed Price you get what you pay for!

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One of the toughest hurdles of granny flat building is space efficiency especially when working with a rather restricted space. Here at Fixed Price we don’t just build a granny flat we design your granny flat to suit your needs and your lifestyle. Our granny flat solutions go above and
beyond your regular contractor because, not only do we maximise the use of your space, but we also take into consideration its exposure to the elements. We do what we can to design your granny flat to be cool in the summer, warm in the winter and open to plenty of sunlight in the areas you need it most.

Having one of the best granny flat designs in Sydney serves for more than just a great and stylish guest house, it also works to add value to your home. In today’s dreaded real estate market it’s always a good idea to ensure your property remains competitively ranked and building a granny flat is a surefire way to do that. Our granny flat solutions can guarantee an incredible return on investment because our integrity ensures that we are on time, on budget and defect free every time!


Granny Flat Solutions

Most granny flat builders will provide a quote on a standard package and then charge their clients for any additional inclusions, but here at Fixed Priced Granny Flats, we pride ourselves on the integrity of our work and the transparency of our agreements. Our granny flat solutions come with a seal of quality assurance without the deceiving fine print which is why we can confidently say that we produce the best granny flat designs in Sydney. With our Total Transparency policy, your granny flat solutions come with all inclusive fixtures without the nasty surprises.

With our building qualifications we’ll have you covered from concept to completion, because unlike many other granny flat companies, we don’t outsource contractors to complete the project – we are the builders. This means that we are held accountable for all aspects of the project throughout the entire duration of the building process which is why our granny flat solutions guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

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