Save BIG with An Energy Efficient Granny Flat

With the cost of energy bills constantly rising energy efficient granny flats can be a great long term investment, and with real estate at an ultimate high a green design home provides the greatest return. Here at Fixed Price we design Sydney’s best environmentally sustainable granny flats with the latest methods in green building. Our eco friendly granny flat designs cater for a wide range of energy saving concerns by using safe and effective solutions.


Green Building Materials & Insulation

At Fixed Price we ensure that our energy saving granny flats cut on costs not on comfort. We use the highest quality building materials and insulation that go above and beyond the standard Basix regulations. This includes 7.0 star insulation in both the walls and the ceiling to reduce heat transfer through the roof of your eco friendly home and deliver optimum performance in exterior cavity walls. In order to improve the comfort of your energy saving granny flat, we provide twice the thermal performance found in most other granny flats using R2.0 in the walls and R3.0 in the ceiling.

Passive Solar Designs for Green Granny Flats

When building energy efficient granny flats it’s important to make use of passive solar design in order to maximise the structure’s potential for winter warmth and summer breeze. Our architectural planning for green design homes take into consideration location, orientation and how your space is situated in relation to the sun.

Health Benefits of Our Energy Efficient Green Granny Flats

When you choose Fixed Price to build your energy saving granny flat you don’t just get award winning craftsmanship, you get all the health benefits of our sustainable design and green building inclusions.

  • Block out the heat this summer with the latest in double glazing. Our 99% UV reduction glazing keeps your energy saving granny flat a cool haven on those sticky summer nights.
  • Our use of low VOC paint ensures your energy efficient granny flat is designed to your style without having to risk your health or the health of your family.
  • Privacy can often be a problem for granny flat users, but with our energy saving granny flats you’ll reap the benefits of a 30dB noise reduction.
  • With our ducted kitchen range hood your environmentally sustainable granny flat can remain fresh and odourless all year round.

Structure & Durability Of Our Environmentally Sustainable Green Granny Flats

Green building requires dedication and here at Fixed Price we are both dedicated and experienced in creating the most secure structures for all our energy saving granny flats. Our fully licensed builders work closely with project managers to ensure the foundations of your sustainable house are safe and secure. We use the highest quality H2-F timber treated frames as well as reticulated termite protection to guarantee the durability of your home.

What’s more is we provide a Client Portal so you can keep up-to-date with your project anytime, anywhere and with our defect-free guarantee you can watch your energy saving granny flat come to life in no time!

Call Fixed Price now to learn more about our sustainable design energy efficient granny flats!

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