About Fixed Price Granny Flats

Over the past 20 years I have developed a Fixed Price Building System that I have used to deliver fantastic Granny Flats in and around Sydney On Time, On Budget and Defects Free.

I follow a unique system which is unmatched in the Granny Flat Building Industry today. This system delivers a FIXED PRICE to approve, supply, build and complete your Granny Flat without paying extra’s or variations that have not been allowed for in your budget.

Our Company owned and operated by Greg Messer is recognised as one of the leaders in Sydney’s booming Granny Flat Building Industry. Our integrity, professionalism and transparency in building and delivering high quality Granny Flats in Sydney.

When we say FIXED PRICE, that’s exactly what we mean. When you sign a Contract with us we include:

  • Connection to Water Mains
  • Connection to Electrical Mains
  • Upgrade of Existing Metre Box (if required)
  • Engineering for site and foundations
  • Lodgement to Council / Private Certifier
  • Excavation
  • Piering (if required)
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Soil Removal

Some Granny Flat Building Companies will hurry to have you sign a Contract based on a cheap, attractive price. After this, you are committed to the builder and then you may realise that there are significant additional costs that were either not clear in the Contract or were hidden and disguised in very cleverly and confusing contractual clauses.

If you are in the market for a Granny Flat, DO NOT buy just on price. Ask exactly what items are included in any proposal, quotation or Contract. If they say yes, ask for it in writing. If you see clauses like ‘plus site costs’, or ‘does not include excavation or piering’, or ‘subject to site inspection’ or ‘does not include connection to mains services’ it can be like handing over a blank cheque to the builder when these items need to be addressed …… Not to mention the complication if you have borrowed money for your project without allowing for these additional costs.

With our FIXED PRICE CONTRACT we also include our outrageous ‘100% Fixed Price Out Of The Ground Guarantee’. We GUARANTEE that if your site foundation costs exceed what we quote due to unforeseen rock or other soil conditions, we will re-engineer your foundations or floor system at our cost if required.


This Guarantee totally removes the risk of potentially costly excavation works, from you to us. If we get our information wrong and do not inform you of rock or other unstable soil conditions, we will pay to rectify the issue so your contract with us is always FIXED!Now I can’t be any fairer than that, can I?

Our team of Trade Professionals are hand selected and have proven experience and knowledge of the building process and standards. We ensure that all relevant insurances are up to date and that any changes to building standards or procedures are implemented into their schedules and our scope of works. We also use materials and products that are high end and never use the term ‘builder’s range’ in our inclusions or tenders. If you see this term use it simply means the cheapest product available and should raise a red flag immediately.

I look forward to assisting you in choosing the correct options for your Granny Flat building project.

Warm regards,

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